I started my career as an entrepreneur

I started my career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. At the age of 21 I started my business Hendrick & Co. and eventually developed two other companies, Daily Mutt and Davie Loves Oliver. My business all revolved around animals. I created and designed products like apparel, candles and home-goods that all saved animals in need. With my graphic design I saved thousands of animals. With my business Hendrick & Co. we sold $6 million dollars worth of products and raised over $3 million for charity.

I have been featured in and profiled in CNBC, NBC, INC Magazine, Huffington Post and even Glee. I won several awards including the top small business in the nation by Facebook and American Express. I have spoken at conferences and events. I loved my business, my philanthropic work and using my graphic design skills to make a difference.

Tragedy changed my life...

I am an identical triplet and my brothers played a big part in growing my businesses but then right after my 28th birthday tragedy struck. My brother Darren became very ill and was in and out of hospitals for almost 2 years. Suddenly I was watching my brother deteriorate in front of me.
One night I got a call from my mom that Darren had a seizure in his sleep and was being rushed in an ambulance to the ICU. I arrived at the hospital and had no idea what was happening or how serious this was.

Darren spent a week in the ICU. His heart stopped beating 3 times. Each time doctors and nurses would rush into the room trying to get his heart beating again. Then a specialist sat us down. His brain went without oxygen for so long that my brother was pronounced brain dead. Following his end of life wishes we had to take him off life support. I am and will always be heartbroken.

A new chapter in my life...

Death has a way of making you reevaluate what’s important. After losing Darren I realized I needed to slow down my life and focus on my family. I use my experience in cause marketing, media relations and brand management to create graphic design to help my clients grow and evolve with the changing patterns in consumer market places. I work closely with each of my clients and have successfully helped them increase sales, customer relationships, brand awareness and company rebranding.

I create logos, websites, product design, illustrations and brand identities. I also help my clients with media relations and social media growth. I have built and increased facebook, instagram, youtube and tick tok accounts which result in creating meaningful connections with their customers and users. I would love to help you in whatever way possible! Please contact me with any questions you may have.